The Psychology of Colors For Your Packaging


Holi is peeping right around the corner and you can see colors splashing out from every nook and cranny of your surroundings. Colors and Holi go hand in hand and there is no doubt that colors make the celebration of Holi so much more fun. As a retailer, you can use the same concept for […]

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The Way To Win Market Competition in 2017

Win Market Competition in 2017

Online retail has captured a large share of mind space of the consumers! There are retailers who have grown 5 times since the inception of their online business and are now ruling the market! So what makes the growth so sustainable? Ever wondered?? Well, there prevail certain factors that help an online retailer to grow, […]

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How Packaging Can Be Used To Increase Brand Awareness

Increase Brand Awareness

In the growing competition in today’s world, it has become essential to pay attention to every aspect of your product. The flooded markets have ensured to snatch away the limelight from even the most useful products available. It is thus important to increase brand awareness among the potential customers with the correct brand awareness strategy. […]

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How Packaging that Surprises Gets Shoppers’ Attention?

Unique Design

In today’s world, packaging is a big marketing tool, which determines the first impression of your product and any professional involved in the packaging and marketing industry would be well aware of the “unboxing” trend that’s gathering momentum these days. The “unboxing” videos garner millions of views and present significant opportunities to increase sales and […]

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4 Ways Beverage Packagers Can Boost Quality and ROI

beverage packagers

With growing market and increasing competition, companies that are selling products, hunt for two things – uniqueness and low cost of their product. With product of the manufacturer being unique, the number of units sold out increases, and with decreasing the cost of their product, it turns out to yield more profit. First question asked […]

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5 Advantages of Eco-Friendly Packaging


  Traditional plastics have been in use for several decades now and we all have benefitted from its numerous advantages. But with the exploitation of this resource, we turned a deaf ear to the ailments of mother earth. Increasing landfill wastes, depletion of non renewable sources, contribution to CO2 emissions are all problems that have […]

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Did You Know – Bubble Wrap Was Initially Meant To Be A Wallpaper

Bubble Wrap Wallpaper

We all love bubble wrap. The joy of popping the bubbles and hearing the popping sound feels almost therapeutic and as much as we want to save the packaging material, we almost always end up popping all the bubbles. The humble bubble wrap has an interesting history and back in the days when it was […]

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Which Beverage Packaging Material Will Reign Supreme Through 2020?

Beverage Packaging Material

Beverage packaging is all set for a considerable growth through 2020. Plastic, glass, paperboard and metal will be the most significant packaging materials that will be used for packing the beverages and making them available in the target market. According to the latest market research study from Technavio, “Global Soft Drinks Packaging Market 2016-2020,” the […]

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The Best Way to Pack Jars for Shipping

Add a final layer of bubble wrap

What is common in jams, pickles, honey, marmalade, and chutneys? It’s simple; they all come in jars. The jars are really effective packaging materials and they help to preserve the contents for a long time. However, the jars are made from glass and this makes them prone to damages during shipping. Obviously you would expect […]

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Plastic May Replace Jute as the Packaging Material for Food Grains

Packaging Material for Food Grains

There is a rising concern regarding the demand and supply of jute bags for packing food grains. Due to this, plastic could replace jute as the packaging material for food grains owing to “better pricing” of the material. Although this may seem like a beneficial undertaking from a cost perspective, it is definitely not good […]

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