Pressure Witnessed in Print Price and Margins Globally!

Print Price and Margins

Since ages, print price and margins have been under pressure. However, lately it has been proved that this is not just the scenario in India, but it has been witnessed globally. Going by the reports of Messe Dusseldorf’s 4th drupe global trends, it is claimed that the pressure has been witnessed globally. The survey is based on […]

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Demonetization And E-commerce Market


The massive demonetization exercise led by the Prime Minister of India has been in the market for a few weeks now and it actually has snowballed into a financial emergency for the country! The most popular denominations of India currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 has created a lot of havoc in the […]

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Pharma Exports Have To Abide by The New Packaging Standards To Be Set By Govt

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Indian packaging industry has huge market in exporting packaging material of pharmaceuticals to African and Asian countries. Pharmaceuticals need to be packed in safe and sustainable material as it commands the health of patient. Medical drugs need to be in their safe and healthy form till the delivery to the final customer. Government has recently […]

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65-Year-Old Bank Employee Saves Birds With Cardboard Bird Houses

Cardboard Bird Houses

The summer months prove to be fatal for birds that are not able to find adequate shelter from the blistering heat. Most of us ignore the plight of the birds. Simply putting out a cup of water will not suffice. We should be proactive towards coming up with new ways of providing protection and shelter […]

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Shocking Truth – Not All Bioplastics Are Eco-Friendly

Not All Bioplastics Are Eco-Friendly

Have you heard of “bioplastics”? They are being propagated as the next-gen packaging materials that are sustainable and bio-degradable. However, this has not been the case for all bioplastics. According to a UN report on marine plastics, “most packaging materials termed as bioplastics do not break down when they are disposed. They end up in […]

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KFC Introduces New Edible Packaging Material for Its Rice Bowls

KFC Introduces New Edible Packaging Material

With the rising concerns for plastic packaging troubling businesses around the world, initiatives like the one taken by KFC are proving to be life savers. As reported by Zee News India, KFC is introducing edible serving bowls in India by this week in a bid to make its products eco-friendly and free from plastic packaging. […]

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Amazon to Standardize Packaging for All Vendors in India

Amazon Packaging

E-commerce giant, Amazon, has taken an initiative to standardize packaging for all vendors in India. This is the first initiative of its kind to be executed by Amazon on a global level. As reported in the Economic Times, Amazon India is helping vendors source packaging supplies in an effort to standardise packaging for purchases across […]

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