Best Packaging Design Trends For The Year 2017

Packaging is directly associated with marketing. It is the packaging of a product that instigates people to make an instant buying decision based on the appearance of what the product has been wrapped in.

This is the reason why you would never want to dress your product shabbily. You may have an amazing product but if it’s dressed shabby, no one will want to spend their money on it. Hence, it turns out to be quite essential to focus on the packaging design of your product. To sort this out, we have for you some of the best packaging design trends for the year 2017, which you surely would like to implement! But before that, make sure that you are well aware of the packaging disasters that may ruin your brand image.

Wrong Packaging

1. Selecting wrong packaging material

2. Adding misleading product

3. Overlooking customization in design  

  • Color
  • Texture
  • Shape
  • Illustrations
  • Photographs

4.Avoiding to understand the target market

With these factors in mind, break the monotony of plainness and head on to some new experimenting packaging designs that can create a boom for your product in the market!

Packaging Design Trends for 2017

Wish to get your products grabbed the earliest??? Here’s what you can do! Keep yourself updated on what’s in and trending and eliminate the obsolete. Implement trends that will leave the jaws dropped and make people grab your product right at the first glance!

3D Printed Package Designs

3D Printed Package Designs

Going by the Worldwide Semiannual 3D Printing Spending Guide by International Data Corporation, the market shall witness a boom in the industry of 3D. Not only will it add up an extra dimension, but it will also enhance the visual impact of your product!!

Anthropomorphic Packaging

Anthropomorphic Packaging

Packaging transformed into human and animal figures will turn out to be of a great appeal! Industries like perfumes, chocolates and tea bags shall opt for this packaging option for greater sales!

Pun And Humor

Pun And Humor

If you use the “laughter strategy”, not only you get your product noticed exclusively, but you also evoke emotional responses from the customers!

Thus, greater sales!

Plain packaging has turned out to be boring for shoppers out there! Why not switch to something quirky and get noticed! If you want to quirk up the packaging of your product, then head to DCGpac where you can spot a range of innovative packaging materials.