A New Grandeur: Glass Packaging

Glass Packaging

Plastic today is substituting everything. Being more tensile, unbreakable, flexible and lighter it is substituting its contemporaries at a fast rate. Yet there is one packaging material which is finding its new place in the world of packaging- Glass.

From times immemorial glass has been used for food packaging. Sauces, ketchups, juices, jams and all kinds of condiments were packaged in glass. Although today we see all these things also packaged in plastic yet glass packaging has not yet left the building. Companies today consider glass at a level apart for packaging even in the world of plastic.

Although today things have changed for glass packaging, it has found a place in the luxury segment. Glass had always been more attractive than any other thing, though fragility would be eternal to it. Another factor which makes glass aesthetically attractive is- it can be moulded in any shape though it holds true for plastic too, but plastic doesn’t match the aesthetics of glass. Glass is enjoying this new-found place probably because of one of the reasons it started to get replaced- cost. Yes, luxury items are placed at a higher price and a product of such a stature needs a packaging of equal prominence.

Today brands are spending a lot of money on packaging research on glass and glass packaging over all. Luxury brands exist across industries- food and beverage, perfumes, wine.One such luxury brand is Callegari Olive Oil. The premium culinary brand designed a bottled which has a shape and color of a ‘drop’ for its extra virgin oil. Olive oil bottles are not brought to the dining table, but a bottle moulded in a shape of a drop would want people to display it to their guests. Apart from being a visual delight the bottle has a stunning feature- it can tilt  and rest on one side on a flat spot carved on the side. This posture helps aerating resulting in releasing of fragrance.

Another glass packaging bottle Callegari came up which is inspired by the shape of a perfume bottle. Not only the shape of the bottle is taken from the perfume bottle, it is supposed work like one. On the top a bulb atomizer sits elegantly, on pressing which squirts trifling quantity of extra virgin olive oil that not only dresses the salad but also scents the air with its aroma.

There are a lot of brands of extra virgin olive oil but for a premium brand like Calligari, glass has its own way to tell their story.

Another story of premium glass packaging comes from Central America. Imperial Yucatan Honey from Yucatan, Mexico extracts the pure form of honey from the dzidzilche bushes. Being the purest and the raw form of honey Yucatan packaged its honey in a cosmetic-like glass jar. The square glass jar looks so elegant that it can be mistook for a premium facial cream as Yucatan uses a colorless glass with a golden screwtop.

The next amazing glass packaging story comes from an industry for which glass is an integral part of sales- liquor. The product may be basic, augmented or premium, liquor packaging needs glass. NUMbrands from N.Y., US crafted yet another fascinating story for their vodka brand AnestasiA. AnestasiA is a premium brand of Vodka, 5 times filtered and very smooth. NUMbrands got a very unique glass bottle for their brand which is to say very unusual to be a bottle of vodka. The bottle looks like a modern art sculpture or probably like a piece of crystal with the colorless glass and the colorless spirit in it. Another uncommon feature of the glass bottle is it doesn’t have a neck. This exceptional shape of the bottle makes the brand unforgettable as people put the bottles to use instead of throwing them away even after the consumption.

Although fragile, glass has made a great comeback, rather it would be right to say- glass never died and today it has moulded its whole new place in the luxury world.