5 Ways to Make Your Shipping More Brandable

Packaging materials an turn out to be a boon for your brand if used correctly and wisely. After all, you can always squeeze out a bit of marketing and branding via the packaging of your product. But, how? Here are 5 ways that can help you get there via packaging! Check it out:

1. Custom Shipping Boxes

Custom Shipping Boxes

Ever received a package from amazon or Flipkart? Noticed their crisp packaging that boldly flaunts the logo and brand on the packaging box? Even you can do that! Get your hands on custom boxes that are now available at DCGpac and customize it fully. You can use it during the shipments and transit as well.

2. Shopping Bags

Shopping Bags

Add more sophistication to your products by complementing them with gourmet shopping paper bags. Ship or deliver your product in style and leave a mark on your customers. Give them another reason to come back to you. You can also go an extra mile and add a bow to these gourmet shopping bags. This will not just give the bags a face-lift, but also make the customers feel special. Shopping bags turn out to be eco friendly which again can turn to be a boon for your brand. Try it out!

3. Shipping Peanuts

Shipping Peanuts

You can now shop for biodegradable shipping peanuts at DCGpac. They turn out to be sustainable, safe for kids and pets. Shipping peanuts are completely non-toxic and static resistant. They are made out of corn starch and can be used to stack up even the toughest polystyrene competitors.

Shipping peanuts offer enhanced cushioning for your products against the stacking impacts.

4. Custom Shipping Tape

Custom Shipping Tape

Why use the same old, traditional brown or clear shipping tape? DCGpac produces some of the excellent customised shipping tapes that can admirably flaunt your brand name while packaging and securing the product.

5. Monthly Mailer Boxes

Monthly Mailer Boxes

Be it make-up, perfumes or dog treat, monthly mailer boxes are the best subscription box choices for any business. You can always customize the inner dividers as per your requirement and the product. However, the top fold remains the same.

How Much Do Custom Shipping Items Cost?

It’s a myth that custom shipping and packaging essentials cost a fortune. No, they don’t! at DCGpac, you can choose from a range of customized packaging essentials at a very nominal price. The company turns out to be very flexible and they understand the need of your product and it’s packaging. You can always seek for the customer service help to have a better and deeper insight of the pricing, which again isn’t going to burn a hole in your pocket.

Packing to Protect

Packaging essentials can be picked up of highest of the quality. However, it is the responsibility of the seller, to protect the package from the misuse and mishandling. Make sure that you simply don’t trust shipping peanuts for the safety of your product. A structural cushioning might be the need of your product. Go for it! If you deal in fragile items, then adding up an extra layer of padding and cushioning can prove to be a smart move!

Always consider structural integrity of your boxes. The carrier will surely place more products and boxes above your product which might be double in the overall size and weight. So strengthen your packaging and cushioning. Pay attention to what kind of box can turn out to be apt for your product during transit and then place the order for your packaging essential.

The aforementioned pointers can effectively make your shipping more brandable and recognized. All you have to do is take some wise steps will choosing the packaging of your product.

Are you ready to make your product and shipping more visible?

  • Sunita Tulsani

    Great article!
    Packaging is the most important aspect of the product, packaging is the first impression in the eyes of customers towards a product, which creates positioning in the minds of customers. All the way you described are very good and perfect for shipping.
    Thanks for sharing!