Anti Static Bubble Bags

Anti Static Bubble Bags

  • Anti static bag protects electronics from static
  • Air bubbles provide cushioning and shock absorption
  • Sealed from three sides
  • minimum order quantity is 10 pieces

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Item # Size (MM)
Size (Inches)
Description Pcs Price Per Pcs
1 100 500 1250 2500 5000
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Anti Static Bubble Bag, 70 GSM

70 GSM anti static Bubble Pouch

152x102 6x4 70 GSM anti static Bubble Pouch 1
1.92 1.53 1.38 1.31 1.22 1.15
Anti Static Bubble Bag, 70 GSM

70 GSM anti static Bubble Pouch

178x152 7x6 70 GSM anti static Bubble Pouch 1
5.15 4.12 3.71 3.51 3.29 3.09
Anti Static Bubble Bag, 70 GSM

70 GSM anti static Bubble Pouch

254x127 10x5 70 GSM anti static Bubble Pouch 1
3.82 3.06 2.75 2.60 2.45 2.29
Anti Static Bubble Bag, 70 GSM

70 GSM anti static Bubble Pouch

254x203 10x8 70 GSM anti static Bubble Pouch 1
6.33 5.06 4.55 4.31 4.05 3.80
Anti Static Bubble Bag, 70 GSM

70 GSM anti static Bubble Pouch

356x254 14x10 70 GSM anti static Bubble Pouch 1
10.74 8.59 7.73 7.31 6.87 6.45
VAT applicable is 5.00%
  • Used primarily in the electronics industry for protection against electronic contamination
  • Inner air bubble layer provides shock absorption
  • Light in weight
Usage No
SKU Anti Static Bubble Bags
high_volume_rate No
Size or Color No
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Anti Static Bags, ESD Bags, Anti-Static Bubble Pouches with Good Cushioning

If you deliver static sensitive items to your customers, then these anti static bubble bags are the best option for you. As they are also layered with bubbles, they provide ample amount of cushioning to the goods inside. Static is one of the most important aspects to consider while delivering electronic components such as hard drive, computer network cards and these packages will ensure that they stay safe and secure until they reach their destination. These packages are a brilliant combination of safety and anti-static, therefore they are perfect for delivering electric components.

ESD Bags For Delivering Electric Components

These ESD safe bags are perfect for when we have to deliver different kinds of electric components. They provide an excellent resistance and protection against static discharge for relays, circuit boards, resistors, switches and are also great to control various other electric components which are static sensitive.

For additional protection, these anti static bags and pouches are sealed from all the 3 sides which also gives a better lock besides cushioning and provide good amount of protection to the electronics. These ESD bags are the best packaging option which is protective and electrically resistant. To pack computer parts and other electric components, nothing proves as a better and efficient way of packaging than our Anti Static bags. With bubbles all throughout the pouches, the item stays safe while in transit.

Also, the Anti Static air bubble bags are light in weight which can help save on shipping costs.All the materials used to make these bags are of the best quality which ensures the safety of your products. So order these anti static air bubble bags from DCGPAC and avail them in various sizes according to your requirements.

Buy Pink Anti Static Bubble Bags Online in India from DCGPAC

DCGPAC is the largest supplier for online packaging materials in India and a brand which has constantly strived to deliver the best products at lowest wholesale prices. Buy pink Anti Static bubble bags online from DCGPAC and be assured of the safety of your goods with the best electrical resistant packaging.

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